Why Prototype.horse?

Prototype.horse transforms the purchase and ownership experience

Prototype.horse employs a new and different emotional structure that enhances the experience of buying and owning. Where traditional product experiences typically produce “positive” emotions, Prototype.horse employs less commonly embraced emotions for an enhanced experience.

The experience: Exploration, experimentation
“What does it do? Would I like it? How would it make me look? Maybe this is the new, better me”
Traditional emotion – aspiration
Prototype.horse emotion – confusion

The experience: Risk taking
“I hope I’m making the right choice. I did the research, I think I am!”
Traditional emotion – excitement
Prototype.horse emotion – fear

The experience: Building anticipation
“Just imagine what it will be like to have it!”
Traditional emotion – giddiness
Prototype.horse emotion – trepidation

The experience: The big reveal
“So this is what it’s like to own this! Wow!”
Traditional emotion – delight
Prototype.horse emotion – disgust

The experience: Personality reinforcement
“I made the right choice”
Traditional emotion – satisfaction
Prototype.horse emotions – disappointment, frustration

The experience: Empowerment
“I know all about that, let me show you. I recommend it!”
Traditional emotion – pride
Prototype.horse emotion – remorse

The experience: Sentimentality
“Oh I remember that. Those were the days.”
Traditional emotion – warm familiarity
Prototype.horse emotion – anger