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  • Triggers mass psychogenic illness when deployed in groups with mean crowding levels above 12.5
  • Consists of two assemblies: a control system and separate feather delivery system
  • Fully functional on delivery with optional scaffolding, but designed for custom permanent installation
  • Control system built around an authentic human “pony tail” connected to a sensitive switch activated by a light tug
  • “Pony tail” designed for flush wall mounting
  • Feather delivery system expels feathers from a conical hopper using a small drone fan
  • Feathers must be restocked manually
  • Decorative inflatable hamster protects hopper from accidental adjustment
  • AC powered

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 36 x 36 in



Human hair "pony tail", horse figurine, rocker switch, wooden dowels, optional panel and mounting hardware, optional pre-fabricated metal scaffold, paper cone, plastic mesh, adjustable scientific instrument stand, drone fan, optional shop clamp fan mount, feathers, DC power converter, AC power supply, standard electrical components